Negative Reviews

Before I list the reasons why inbox blueprint users post negative reviews, I would like to mention that every successful method needs your time and some money. It is completely up to you whether to continue and give a method a try OR quit before trying.

So, here are few inbox blueprint 2.0 negative reviews

1. Do not have full control of the opt-in page code

A few users complain that they are unable to customize the opt-in pages created through the inbox blueprint software. But, they need to understand that the entire email funnel is controlled and managed by the launchpad system.

Anik has purchased a cloud server putting his own costs to save ours’. So, even if we have the opt-in page running on our own domain name, the coding is saved under launchpad server.

Moreover, if you want to add a tracking or third-party code, you have full control to do that. Simply head over to the “Integration Step” and add the code.

2. Only Sendlane autoresponder can be used

Now, this is something existing list builders face. In order to use launchpad software, it is mandatory to use SendLane autoresponder service. This is because of internal API integration of launchpad and sendlane.

Even if you are already using other autoresponder services like GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber or any, you will still need to sign-up for SendLane. For newbies and beginners, it does not matter.

Anyways, Anik gives you 30 days SendLane free trial account in order to kick-start your email campaigns.

3. Professional email address mandatory

Earlier, you were able to create and run email campaigns with free email addresses like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL. However, this is no more possible. 2 years back, in compliance with industry-wide deliverability standards, free email addresses are no more eligible for use.

Researchers found that free email addresses get lower deliverability and high spam activities. To avoid this, using a business email address was made necessary.

Now, this is good, isn’t it? Though it involves a small fee, it is for our benefit.

4. Buying Solo Ads

Users have claimed that to build an email list quickly they had to buy solo ads. Solo ads, being most effective, helps you reach the targeted list of subscribers in no time. Here, you buy clicks (not email addresses) from existing email marketers and ask them to send your opt-in page(s) to their email list.

This ensures deliverability to the right people at the right time. Also, higher chances of receiving opt-ins and conversions are noticed.

Though solo ads are expensive, I believe you would mind buying the ads to give your business a boost initially. Would you?

My Final thoughts

No matter how many complains or negative reviews you find, I still believe inbox blueprint and launchpad has shown proven success for many users.

To generate high income, spending some money initially would not harm.

All you need is inbox blueprint membership, a business email address, an autoresponder account, and some paid traffic. Consider an estimated expense of USD 200 to USD 500, in addition to the sign-up cost.

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